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At The Harley Dental Implant & Cosmetic Centre, we pride ourselves at being in the forefront of modern dental implantology.

Dental implants offer a breakthrough in tooth replacement in a controlled and predictable way leading to a return of the quality of life that you deserve.

Backed with years of research and clinical testing, dental implants now have the highest success rates of any functional body part replacement including hip and knee joints. They allow us to provide our patients with fixed restorations so that they can bite, chew, smile and talk with the same confidence as with natural teeth.

We bring together years of dedicated training in this field to provide our patients with a complete service in order to treat missing teeth.

Whether you have one tooth, several teeth or even all your teeth missing, we can tailor a range of treatment options to suit your demands and your budget.

Our highly experienced team can help you to restore your smile to its youthful appearance and function.

Denture wearers know that dentures are not their own teeth and will not function like their own teeth. Implants can be used to stabilize or to replace dentures altogether.

The biting force with dentures is less than 80% that of natural teeth and the longer the dentures are worn, the more bone is lost under them. This missing bone contributes to the collapsed appearance of the face, as this bone is needed to support the lips and cheeks. As this bone deteriorates over time the lips and chin become caved in and the muscles of the face begin to become lax and lose their tone.

If implants are placed, this bone can be maintained and hence patients without teeth can keep their youthful appearance much longer in life enabling them to bite into food with the same force as when they had their own teeth.

It is better to place implants earlier rather than later to avoid the jawbone melting away due to dis-use. In many cases where the bone has already been lost, we can use innovative procedures to grow new bone in the jaw. This allows us to treat patients who would not otherwise be candidates for dental implants.

These and other new procedures allow almost anyone to have their missing teeth replaced with implants.

At the Harley Dental Implant & Cosmetic Centre, our service extends much more than just placing and restoring dental implants. We share our knowledge with all our patients in maintenance and hygiene so that we can maximise the lifespan of your investment in your health.


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