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At the Centre, we are at the forefront of Dental Implant technology and we are able to offer our patients the convenience of Immediate Implants, also referred to as ‘Same Day Teeth’.

If you are about to lose a tooth, either due to trauma or decay or gum problems, we can remove the tooth and place implants at the same time. On the same visit a pre-made tooth can be applied so that you are never without your teeth and can carry on with your life as normal.

This can be applied whether you have one tooth, several teeth or indeed all your teeth which need to be removed.

This technique can also be applied if you have had teeth missing for some time, thereby restoring the space immediately.

There are many advantages to this technique.
• reduce the number of visits and the length of treatment sessions
• re-establish appearance, chewing function and speech immediately
• preserves the surrounding tissues
• simpler treatment for you, the patient

Above all, this technique prevents the use of removable prosthesis as temporary devices whilst the treatment is taking place hence allowing you, the patient to continue your life as normal.

The minimal disruption to a patient’s life and the reduced post-surgical discomfort can help anyone unfortunate enough to lose teeth. The technique is minimally invasive and recovery times are reduced significantly.

If you
• lead a busy lifestyle
• active social life
• work in the public eye
• are in sales or in the media
• need to have the least disruption in your life

and are missing one or more teeth, you may be the ideal candidate for Immediate Implants.

We have many years of success with this protocol and this is due to our thorough diagnostic procedure. We will evaluate each case carefully to ensure that you are suitable and advise of the options available.


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